American Extremism


I write to express my joy, unequivocal appreciations and trepidation for the freedoms I have inherited by virtue of being an American Citizen.  The freedoms we celebrate that have derived from America’s brightest ambitions can be at times accompanied with America’s darkest monstrosities.  Ironically, the political institution for which we depend on to ensure our civil liberties is the institution that inhibits its citizen from receiving them equally.  The lack of equal distribution of human rights has often times come from America’s inability to change from a void of self-examination.  The absence of self-examination stems from America treating itself like a religion and treating it like God will result in American Extremism.

There are fundamental inequities in the way we distribute equal rights in this country.  Within the past year America has “debated” Health Care, Gay Rights and now the Muslim Cultural center in New York City.  The commonality in all of these issues is the ability for a minority of people to have equal access to something that a majority already has access to. The minority in terms of Gay Marriage is the LGBT community, in the Health Care debate it was the people that do not have access to health care and the most current case the minority would be the Muslims that want to build a cultural center a few blocks away from the World Trade Center Site. American Extremism affects equal right issues because the interpretation of the American constitution is involved in all three.  The notion that a people would have access to a free market of ideas, opinions, money and the American dream is beautiful, however the notion of these ideas is that one is free to pursue them not that they are distributed equally.

America is a young, living organism and like all living organism it has the ability to evolve and at it’s best America has taken action to negate any legislation, dogma and pathology that inhabits it’s citizens from the liberties that is noted as a Human right, however at it’s worse America becomes the same pathology it has historically distanced itself from and America does this by treating the American ideal the same way we treat religion which denies America the opportunity to self examine itself and evolve into something greater.  If we believe in a God that is never wrong and believe in a God that is all knowing and powerful and never makes mistakes then how can that God change? How can God become something greater if the prerequisite for believing in such a God is that he cannot change because he is all-powerful? If we continue to say “Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and our founding father didn’t intend [Insert what you are prejudice about here]”

What does American extremist look like? It looks the same as Muslim extremists only dressed in red, white and blue.  We do not stone homosexual in this country but we do make sure they can’t get married and serve openly in our military.  American terrorism has included the murder of homosexuals, the owning of slaves, Jim Crow and denied access to equal rights for gay and lesbian couples.

America must remember its motto, E Pluribus Unum, out many one.  Who makes up the many? We the people do. With discovering who the parts are we can discover what the hole, the “one “ is.  Who is the one? What does America see when it looks beyond it’s Phenotype? What is the quality of its character? The depth of its virtue? What kind of country do we choose to be?

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