Pastor Jones is Joe the Plummer Part II

Pastor Jones is Joe the Plummer Part II

Anthony Earl Conwright

September 10, 2010

How exactly is Pastor Jones going to burn the Quran?  Are we to assume he is going to perform a massive search for the Islamic word? Is he going to go out and buy a thousand Qurans? But he can’t do that- that would mean financially supporting the religion he believes is of the devil. Let’s say hypothetically his sixty, (and I’m highballing) members are going to burn a thousand Qurans.  This would mean each church member is going to find and burn about sixteen Qurans.

Pastor Jones was never going to burn the Quran. Where are the ill-fated Qurans?  What about the number of Qurans that get thrown away, lost or destroyed every day? How does this alleged thousand compare?

As stupid as the burning of the Quran is, we have to acknowledge that Pastor Jones is quite clever. He was able to bamboozle multiple media outlets into saying his name, the name of his church, and even stir up a big enough controversy to warrant a response from the President of the United States of America.  Did anyone catch the irony of a protester using violent imagery to protest a religion on the basis of that religion being violent?

Pastor Jones is not the problem.  He is a microcosm.  The real problem is the seed of misinformation that was planted in his mind by conservative media depicting all Muslins as extremist.  Would this story have made the news if it hadn’t been for the plan to build an Islamic Cultural Center in New York City?  Without the Islamic Cultural Central Center near Ground Zero debate it would have made as much news as Marilynn Manson wiping his ass with the American Flag?  The most beautiful irony in this whole situation is that Pastor Jones is demonstrating why America needs another Islamic Cultural Center.  The cure to Pastor Jones’s ignorance is simply to educate.  The solution is to counteract conservative media outlets by informing Americans about the peaceful fundamentals of Islam, which is exactly what a cultural center will provide.

Pastor Jones is Joe the plumber part Duex.  How does one guy with a really bad idea garner so much attention? Are we honestly living in a world in which anyone with any opinion, despite how bad, ignorant, or offensive it is, receives the attention of the country? I asked a musician friend of mine what he and his band need to do to become famous.  He replied “Put on a concert, invite all the media I can, have merchandise that says our name on it, start the show, and suddenly take off my pants and shit on stage.” Instead of calling Pastor Jones’s bluff we went all in and immerged ourselves in his narcissism.  I refuse to go back in time and relive the rise of Joe the Plumber.  If Pastor Jones chooses to defecate on himself on the American stage: I will not be tuning in.

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