Peaks in Valleys

Seeking the Peak in the Valley,

Finding familiar footsteps silhouetted by the stars sighing above my shoulders,

Whose shine is a halo of heaviness above my head,

Bearing down the weight of my presence being a blessing and a burden.

Walking, dragging my own footsteps in the sands of nihilism

Breathing in,

Forcing myself into the bosoms of tranquility.

Kissing her lips,

Using her fingers,

To grab the brushes of optimism to paint the heart of life in the dark

Painting with one hand and using the other to cover my eyes so I can see truth.

But yet,

Feeling the nature in me that is human to believe life has no soul.

Because in order to live life we have to put our hearts up for collateral,

And pay our dues, with our tears and blues.

I converse with pain via tears

And translate each tear into a word that pain can read

But if I can’t find the words

I close my eyes to make my tears drop down to my heart

So my heart can beat the words

And pain can listen.

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