The Artist Formally Known as Self

Artist formally known as self

Tattooing emotions of his former self

Carving colors onto his skin just to be stuck with them

Tracing deep between lines with stencils to see how much in depth within himself he can get.

Coloring in red the scars and vacancies his painting leaves

Rubbing his face blue with jaded feeling-colored love poems tattooed on his palms

Permeating past feelings through tightly knit brown pores

Bleak Numb insides can’t recognize bold bright emotions

Feeling feels so oblique making the Artists stencil meek.

It’s a rarity for the artist to feel and live feelings with clarity

Fighting his love affair with solitude and their solidarity

Weeping translucent emotions feeling

Feeling like an outcast in the artist’s own body.

The artist tries to trace the silhouette of what he feels carefully.

The artist can’t see the images of his former self so he colors in the lines abstractly.

The artist alliteration of the colors he’s created has altered his reality.

The artist paints in color on a canvas that colored deathly.

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