In my partner’s absence

In my partner’s absence 
By: Anthony Conwright

There are times in every couple, when time apart is necessary.
But the first night is always the worse and for the first time I got so bored I tried to clean and the vacuum chocked when it ran over the echoes of your footsteps.
It took me approximately 11 hours before I missed you enough to start having conversations with our cat.
Being myself by myself without you feels 49% as good since I don’t have my better half to make me whole.

Taking a nap seemed futile because I was only reminded of the warmth of your body every time we don’t sleep in the same bed. The full sized mattress felt as big as the 600 miles between your smile and my heart.
The springs rose in protest demanding the return of their queen.
Pillows asked, “Why did I let you leave? The sheets need her to model the linen in her dreams.”

Mirrors couldn’t see, how the reflection of you left their hands. So, I took a long steamy shower and drew your figure in the mirror so my reflection can be next you. Ripples dance a lonely pirouette between porcelain walls of a bathtub that doesn’t hold water the same way it does when it has you to cuddle with.

My hands sweat, shake and tap dance on tables from withdrawals of your skin.
Only to find traces of your hair highlighting all of the places we have been intimate.
I even find strands wrapped around my ear just to let me know what you are thinking about.

I asked the walls to recount their favorite conversations,
And they looked at the library of photographs tattooed on their skin and read your lips.
Bouncing the cadence of your voice across the room, like wind blowing the pages of a good novel my eyes haven’t hugged in years into windows that shake from the strength in your vocal cords.

As the vibrations fall into silence, I’m reminded to never call a woman needy.

I need to look at you. My eyes are you body’s groupies

I need to watch you drink wine and purse my lips against yours to see if you taste sweeter. Your lips make me feel like a kid in a candy store and I want to consume you until my tongue twist from moving around your body.  Moving in circles from being your number one fan. I want to talk through you.

Expressing my Love for you is the way my heart blogs, but sometimes I get writers block. So to purge my emotions I walk around the house doing all the things that you would do and sometimes it feels like you’re here, right next to me.

I look through the windows into the future and watch you walk towards the door and somewhere in the house, where I keep my most emotional secrets, I make my imagination jot down all the ways my hands will rediscover your body.

And how when you get through the door I get to see you like it’s the first time all over again.



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