A Review of Why Sex is Fun by Jared Diamond

Why Sex is Fun is not for the sexually feeble

Do you really need a book to tell you why sex is fun?  The question presents itself as rhetorical and obvious, however, the question and answer is laudable.  Sure, sex feels good; but is that the only reason why sex is fun?

Why Sex is Fun explores how the “funness” of sex goes beyond the euphoria associated with the act of sex.  The beauty of Why Sex is Fun is revealed in how Diamond explains the ways in which our biological and evolutionary sex-drives all of us. Take for instance the question regarding monogamy.  Why are humans monogamous? It is tempting to give love the credit for liberating us from our ancient promiscuity; however, it is our inner primate to whom we owe our gratitude for monogamy.

The portion of the book that sent my male ego and masculinity into a tailspin was a small section on the natural state of humans – is the “natural” gender of humans male or female?

Why Sex is Fun reads as if you are being taught a sex education class by Indiana Jones.  Jared Diamond, who is known for his brilliant theories on the rise and fall of civilizations, does a superb job of making very scientific concepts accessible to readers.  There are moments where the linguistics are overwhelmingly scientific making the book read like a sci-fi novel. But the point of the book is to explore how our sexuality is scientifically driven.


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