Dear Black Body,

I could feel the weight of your tongue heavy with quiet and stories to tell. Perhaps you took my reticence as a sign of aggression, if not suppression toward your identity, but I never intended to trespass against your agency. I just wanted people to see me more than they saw you, and now I have learned that perhaps the two of us cannot be mutually exclusive.

Dublin: Socialist, Literature and Gay Pride

I was so exhausted with marching and my spirit was so full that I had no interest in partying after the parade. Not partying during pride was a first for me, but I imagine that since my purpose had changed, so did I.

Born to Teach?

I was having a beer with a few coworkers after work one evening and one of them said, “You were born to teach.” I took the complement in stride, but my nonchalant footsteps were halted by an e-mail I received that made me say to myself in a very humble voice, “Anthony, maybe you were born to teach.” I had to look deeper into the statement.