Black Progressives, It’s Time To Unite Against Establishment Politics

This is a call for us to unite, and demand that our representatives—black and white— march to our anthems of progress, despite how radical they may seem and acknowledge that our vote for the Clinton Campaign is far from granted.

What The Bernie Sanders Unelectable Argument Says About Black Lives

There is something belittling about the language of the “Bernie Sanders is unelectable” fallacy—something that is subliminally dismissive. How is it possible that we live in a time when progressives say #blacklivesmatter, but call the ideas of Bernie Sanders too “radical” to implement, and conclude his “radical” ideas make him unelectable? When people say Bernie Sanders’ ideas are not politically viable, what they are really saying is: Satisfying the needs of the people his policies would support is not politically viable, therefore, we should not vote for him. Not only does this language illegitimize the needs of those people, but…