Dear Black Body,

I could feel the weight of your tongue heavy with quiet and stories to tell. Perhaps you took my reticence as a sign of aggression, if not suppression toward your identity, but I never intended to trespass against your agency. I just wanted people to see me more than they saw you, and now I have learned that perhaps the two of us cannot be mutually exclusive.

A Coda on “Twoness”

It is with my biological mother that the absence of closure has affected me the most.  The lack of closure in regards to my biological mother, however, has granted me the greatest amount of existentialistic liberation.  I’ve always experienced fleeting bouts of jealousy when I encounter someone that has the fortune of sharing their natural talents with the talents of their parents.  I have always longed for the connection, and it wasn’t until I was confronted with deciding what kind of person I would be, I felt the absence of a visual representation of whom I came from.  I do…