Meet the Progressive, Bernie Sanders Supporter Running for Congress in South Carolina

“I’m not running for congress as a ‘berniecrat’. I’m running for congress as a resident of South Carolina’s Second Congressional District. The challenge is for us to find a way, beyond being liberal and being conservative to create a just and prosperous society.”

Black Progressives, It’s Time To Unite Against Establishment Politics

This is a call for us to unite, and demand that our representatives—black and white— march to our anthems of progress, despite how radical they may seem and acknowledge that our vote for the Clinton Campaign is far from granted.

If it was discriminatory then, it’s probably discriminatory now

If it was discriminatory then, it’s probably discriminatory now. By: Anthony Conwright How do you distinguish between fantasies of racism stimulated by “code language” and actual racism?  An interesting way to put any perceptions of racism and discrimination into context would be to look inside America’s history. Historical context clues provide a vehicle for decoding certain words and phrases that may have racist and discriminatory roots.  For example, the phrase “separate but equal.” If you were to hear someone say, “I support separate but equal [insert institution],” you should start to cringe.  If you are aware of the discriminatory implications…

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West Uncle Toms? and Barack Obama’s one night stand.

The phrase Uncle Tom is a derogatory term that has its origins in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1852 novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. While the book itself did not coin the phrase as it is used today, nevertheless the phrase Uncle Tom has found itself describing a black person that “sells out” to white people. I will leave it to individuals to define what “selling out” means as the phrase “selling out” is quite abstract and when you ask people for their definition of a “sell out” you will find many definitions. I will not offer what I perceive the definition to be because I think my definition is irrelevant in relation to this story. I shall no longer spend time going over the book or the phrase Uncle Tom. If you would like to investigate further, I strongly suggest going to a library or searching Google for the book. Now that we have a brief context of the phrase we can move on to my “Hit it and quit it” reference and then end with Steve Harvey.