What The Bernie Sanders Unelectable Argument Says About Black Lives

There is something belittling about the language of the “Bernie Sanders is unelectable” fallacy—something that is subliminally dismissive.

How is it possible that we live in a time when progressives say #blacklivesmatter, but call the ideas of Bernie Sanders too “radical” to implement, and conclude his “radical” ideas make him unelectable?

When people say Bernie Sanders’ ideas are not politically viable, what they are really saying is:

Satisfying the needs of the people his policies would support is not politically viable, therefore, we should not vote for him.

Not only does this language illegitimize the needs of those people, but the language implies there is something unviable about those people—at least politically.

Sanders’ proposals of providing health care to all Americans, making public colleges tuition free, and decriminalizing marijuana are all initiatives that would positively impact black Americans, and help close the equality gap in America.

In 2013, 42 percent of African Americans ages 25 to 55 had student loan debt, compared to 28 percent of white Americans.

In Iowa, an African American was8.34 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana position than white Americans, according to a 2013 study by the ACLU .

According to the 2014 National Healthcare Quality & Disparities Report, African Americans and Hispanic Americans still have higher uninsured rates than white Americans.

If addressing the needs of black Americans and minorities in this country is too radical, whose needs are politically viable?

When we were inflamed with President Obama’s “Hope” and “Change” campaign, we rejected many of the notions that said President Obama was unelectable, and when we were asked if America was ready for a black president we responded with a resounding, “yes”.

But now we face a new question: is America ready to vote for a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, who explicitly and openly critiques the structural inequalities within capitalism, and advocates for policies that are directed towards the poor, middle class and Black Americans?

The polls say yes.

Perhaps we should change the narrative: A politician who does not believe healthcare is a human right is unelectable, a politician who votes for preemptive war is unelectable, a politician who supports policies that lead to mass incarceration is unelectable.

Why is it that Donald Trump’s proposal of a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S., and anti-immigration stance does not put him within the parameters of unelectibility? Is it because the needs of the people who support Donald Trump or support the rest of the Republican Party are politically viable?

A candidate’s electability seems to only come into question when the candidate’s ideas support people from communities that have been marginalized by the current system. It’s only then we say congress is too dysfunctional to implement change.

Have we forgotten that the power of democracy rest in our hands? If there are members of the House of Representatives or the Senate who do not support progressive ideas, then we will vote for politicians who will.

Of course we will be called “idealistic” championing the platform of the Sanders’ campaign, but we have to stop interpreting progressive attributes as negative qualities. Yes, progressives are idealistic: new ideas and change lead to progress. Qualities that are inherent to the progressive platform are not inherently bad, and we have to turn those qualities into a litmus test for a candidate’s electability.

Progressive policies that address a shrinking middle class, income inequality and struggling Americans are demonized as radical because those policies challenge the way “it” is, or—even worse, the way “it” is “supposed” to be.

Here is what “it” is:

We live in an America where people have to be explicitly reminded that #blacklivesmatter, we live in America where it is unordinary for a presidential candidate to advocate for health care as a human right, and we live in an America where it’s unusual for a presidential candidate to critique capitalism for all of its inherent inequities. We live in an America where advocating for expanding access to higher education is “radical”.

A candidate advocating for change and equality shouldn’t be castigated as radical; the candidate should be propagated as the standard.


    1. Thanks for reading, Tamika. I am surprised that it’s even a debate. I honestly believe that a majority of the Clinton supporters are people who voted for her the first time, and are taking an opportunity to vote for the name and not the policies.

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      1. We have to try to break this cycle & Not go the so called Normal way, let’s shake up America like Bernie says Radical, it’s Only Radical if You Don’t Conform to The Norm!

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      2. Yea Trump believes thousands of Muslims were cheering in NJ. Got any evidence for your belief? You keep talking about polls, can you cite one that backs up your belief?


      3. I looked at the poll, but how can a poll from Iowa possibly back up your claim, ” I honestly believe that a majority of the Clinton supporters are people who voted for her the first time, and are taking an opportunity to vote for the name and not the policies.” Please show me where that poll even indicated that for Iowa, much less the entire country! It looks like you are using Trump’s tactic, make stuff up to back up what you want to believe is true. Its just like your post, you still had not been able to show a single Clinton supporters who feels the way you claim we do. So what’s your source for your claims about us?


      4. Everything you are saying speaks to my point. Why don’t you prove that Bernie Sanders is unelectable. Why don’t you prove that the country does not support his policies. Why don’t you prove that the younger generation and first time voters are supporting Hillary Clinton. Why don’t you prove that Hillary Clinton had put forth a policy that advocates or leads to universal health care. I’ve given you the poll that shows she did well with old people, and people who were not voting for the first time. Where is your evidence?


      5. The only way to prove Sanders is not electable is a President Trump/Cruz. It seems like that is what you really want. Are you on the payroll of that billionaire spending to elect Bernie so a Republican can beat Sanders? or are you one of the BernieBros? You SILL have not shown a shred of evidence to support your specific claim here or your general claim in the post. All you do is lie about those of us who have good reason to believe Sanders is unelectable. You basically said we really don’t think Sanders is unelectable, that we think, “Satisfying the needs of the people his policies would support is not politically viable, therefore, we should not vote for him.” You are the one trying to smear people like me with lies. Show us the proof that is what we believe.


    2. One thing you are missing is that many of the things highlighted at the end are the same positions the Clinton’s held coming into office. What hit them and slapped them in the face was something called reality. Despite all the good intentions in the beginning of his terms in office, Bill was swiftly met with the back hand of some powerful men of the “system.” But what most black and brown folks remember about his Presidency is the fact that they had jobs, career opportunities, could send their kids to college and good schools, buy homes, and put a little money in the bank. It never was Bill’s intention or his nature to screw over poor people or black people…remember he spent all of his childhood the poor kid of a single alcoholic parent. He was smart and a quick learner and the good that he was able to do was because he had to make certain concessions to the power brokers. The aftermath of the decisions he made when he was out of office came crashing down on the very people he so badly wanted to help. You must go back and see his platform and intentions. He came into office befriending blacks and the poor and was immediately despised for it among those he had to deal with in Congress and the corporate world. But he still pushed blacks into high ranking government positions, corporate board rooms, and gave them a visibility that had not had previously. Did it all turn out well…NO. But it wasn’t because he didn’t try.

      That nasty welfare reform bill that folk decry was not singly put in place by Bill Clinton..he vetoed two similar bill with much harsher reforms. The bill that finally passed was one that the Congress had told him would not withstand a veto so he negotiated the best possible deal and put in place some positive changes that actually did help people.

      Nothing occurs in a vacuum. People learn from mistakes. It is grand to have noble ideas about the economy and society. But nothing can replace the experience of having lived and learned through it. He had plenty of regrets, as I am sure Obama will have…no one escapes reality. But to think that Bernie Sanders will be able to side-step that same reality is immature and in some respects disingenuous. Despite her flaws..and we all have them..Hillary Clinton is still the best person to step into the Oval Office as President. She has a lot to make up for and she knows where all the bodies lay. She know the players, their weaknesses, their strengths, and she is not unfamiliar with the plight of blacks and women. Sure Bernie Sanders marched in DC with MLK march and he played a role is a campus CORE organization. But then he went off to live in lily white Vermont and wasn’t heard of by most blacks until lately. Hillary has been continuously on the scene in the trenches of raw politics, on the bitter end of trashing and lies and innuendo. She has been a loyal Obama supporter no matter the motives ascribed to her rightly or wrongly. I want to give her a chance to fix what is wrong with those trade deals using her knowledge of the power players. I want to give her a chance to fix what is wrong with out justice system because she really feels she owes us. I want to give her a chance to fix the systems for the poor because that is really where her heart is. I want to give her the chance to break those ties with AIPAC and stand up to the Israeli lobby as Obama has done and still support a safe and secure state for Israel as well as one for the Palestinian people. I want us to go out and vote for a Congress that will help her do those things and state governors and legislatures that will actually become partners in accomplishing what is good for our country. That is why I support Hillary Clinton for President.

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      1. I don’t think the Clintons had the same positions, but I get your point. In reality Bill ran as one thing and governed as something else. You are right in pointing out that here was lobbying done to water down some of his progressive policies, but he accepted compromises for political strength. I have gone back and looked at his platforms and intentions, but his intentions do not excuse his outcomes-especially since there were people who warned him otherwise.
        No one is suggesting Sanders is some sort of magic bullet. It’s about where he starts conversations or debates. Hillary Clinton has had her chances and she missed them.
        I really appreciate your comment and explains ruin of why you support Hillary. It’s nice to have a place for civil and thoughtful conversation.


    1. You are right! Bernie is actually the closet politician to MLK we have had in a long time. I remember during the primaries in 2008 or 2012 when a moderator asked “Whose campaign would MLK be pleased with?” Obama said “none of ours”. I actually think MLK would be pleased with Bernie’s, and if anything Sanders’ campaign wouldn’t be “radical” enough!

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  1. “How is it possible that we live in a time when progressives say #blacklivesmatter, but call the ideas of Bernie Sanders too “radical” to implement, and conclude his “radical” ideas make him unelectable?” I would change the word “progressives” to “corporate Democrats,” and then you know why they say that. They are comfortable in their little world that is indifferent to the young, the poor, and POC. The progressive social Democrats supporting Bernie Sanders are growing in numbers and are attracting more and more African Americans and other POC, and together we are going to put him in the White House. We have had it with “corporate Democrats” owned by the system that is keeping us all down. Bernie’s speech in NH today was brilliant…more on point than any I have watched and listened to, to date. If you didn’t catch it, please try to find the tape…it will elevate your spirits…We are going to win this election!

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    1. Your comment elevated my spirit! I do think Sanders will win. The reason I said progressives is because a lot of people who have claimed to have progressive values are making the argument. I believe Hilary Clinton just said “I’m a progressive who gets things done.” I wrote it that way to draw a line in the sand between actual progressives who believe and liberals or corporate Democrats who are faking it. I’ll check out the speech. I live in India, so sometimes I miss news as it is happening in the U.S. 🙂

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  2. Excellent well reasoned piece. I too think that Bernie Sanders addresses many problems that people of color face as well as the under served working families in this country. I would be interested to know your thoughts on the so called Southern Firewall of Hillary Clinton. It seems to be based on the idea that because of the Clinton name Blacks in Sc and other southern states will vote for her in overwhelming numbers. Considering the policies of Bill Clinton decimated minorities in this country I am not sure I understand this. Also if you can explain the lack of endorsements from groups like Black Lives Matter.

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    1. Thank you for reading, Mike. I am working on something that will explain some of the issues you have mentioned, but as of now there does seem to be a lot Blacks who are familiar with the Clinton name and not all of the Clinton policies. I also think a lot of groups that advocate for the rights of black people in America are waiting to see what the consensus is amongst different members of the black community. It will take a high profile person or group to get the ball rolling. I’m going to go into more detail about this with my next article. Great questions! Keep them coming: it helps my own thought process.


  3. Great commentary here, you raise points I had never thought of until now! Found this link going through the SandersForPresident subbredit page just a few moment ago. Not sure if you were the one who posted it there, but please stop by if you never have. You could definitely bring a lot of great conversation, if you aren’t already a member. Cheers!

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  4. I appreciate your drawing a clear line connecting racial inequities to the “unelectable” argument. When I first declared my support of Sanders, I was told that Sanders supporters are like a cult. I was “congratulated” for helping elect a Republican. What if the revolutionaries 240 years ago had said “our idea is too radical” and settled for incremental change? Keep writing. Keep leading!

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    1. Thank you for reading, Margaret. We can now say that there are Republicans that Bernie Sanders would defeat! I completely agree with you about revolutionaries 240 years ago. I always tell people to imagine what folks ay have told MLK.


  5. This is superb writing – and thinking! As a Sanders activist in NH, I pray that Bernie’s success in Iowa and soon NH will capture the attention of POC across the nation.

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  6. Very concise and clear reasoning! I love your brilliantly simple flip of the prevailing narrative: “Perhaps we should change the narrative: A politician who does not believe healthcare is a human right is unelectable, a politician who votes for preemptive war is unelectable, a politician who supports policies that lead to mass incarceration is unelectable.” Glad I found you! I will spread this article all over my Bernie FB groups and Twitter, and in other SC newspapers. Definitely need to spread your thinking about changing the narrative ASAP and widely, to strengthen Bernie’s support in SC!

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  7. Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in either party who is not in the pockets of the billionaire/corporate puppet masters…….This election is not about lib. vs conserv. or dem. vs repub…….it is about taking our country back for the people……

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  8. I am one of those progressives who is supporting Clinton instead of Sanders over electability concerns. How about addressing the real reasons why we don’t think he is electable? I’ve been a big fan of Sanders for decades. But I know all politicians lie and I am not willing to blindly accept the big lie of the Sanders campaign that Democratic Socialism=Social Security, parks, roads, etc. I know how to Google “What is Democratic Socialism.” If you do this, the first thing that comes up is the Wikipedia article that explains Democratic Socialism is no private ownership of any business. The next thing that comes up is Sanders Party (Democratic Socialists of America) website where they make clear Democratic Socialism=the government seizing industries like “steel” and “energy,” no private ownership of even small businesses, and the government assigning you a job. Google searches will also show you that Sanders has called for seizing the oil industry, seizing utilities, seizing rich people’s money, etc.

    Surveys have shown most Americans would not vote for a Socialist for President. The Rs took over the Senate, House, and many states in big part because of lies about Obamacare being socialized medicine. Remember Joe the Plummer? What do you think will happen when they start spending billions to attack Sanders and showing what he has said and what Democratic Socialism really is? When you consider what would happen if Trump or Cruz would appoint Supreme Court Justices, repeal Obamacare, and repeal most progressive advances, how can you characterize our not wanting to nominate a Democratic Socialist as saying, “Satisfying the needs of the people his policies would support is not politically viable, therefore, we should not vote for him.”

    Should not we have an honest conversation on his electability before it is too late? Should not you at least be calling for an end to Sanders’s white privilege? If Sanders was black or a women, do you think he would still be escaping press scrutiny of his past and what Democratic Socialism is? Remember all the press coverage of Revenant Wright? Yet, where is the scrutiny of things Sanders has said?

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    1. Did I just read you correctly? I believe you wrote “But I know all politicians lie and I am not willing to blindly accept the big lie of the Sanders campaign that Democratic Socialism=Social Security, parks, roads, etc.” How can you acknowledge that all politicians lie, reject the Sanders’ campaign and accept Hillary Clinton, who has never seen a position she didn’t like.

      Knowing how to google, and comprehending the literature about what one is googling are two different things. I find it a bit dodgy that used Wikipedia as a reference in your research on Democratic Socialism, especially during this election.

      You are wrong about your facts. Surveys and poll show that Hillary Clinton are neck and neck in polls. America is ready to vote for Bernie Sanders, who is a Democratic Socialist (not just socialist).

      If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, he will beat any republican that he runs against. Again, please check the polls.

      We are having an honest conversation on his electability via this comment section. Why would I want to call for an end to Sanders’ white privilege? You write the argument as if he is the only person running that has white privilege. Remember, just because Bill Clinton was the first “black president” it doesn’t mean Hillary was the first black first lady. Hillary Clinton is just as white as Sanders.

      The reason why it’s hard to scrutinize the things that Sanders has said is because he advocates for the poor. It’s kind of hard to go after a guy like that.


      1. Honest conservation? The basis you gave for people not thinking Sanders was electable were made up-what is your source that is the reason why we are supporting Clinton? How many people who don’t think he is electable did you talk too? You are also being dishonest when you say I reject Sanders campaign. If Warren was running on the same issues, I would support her because she is not a Democratic Socialist. Its not the message, its the messenger is not electable.

        Its delusional to think the polls are meaningful this far out. Look at how fast many of the Rs have fallen when they were subjected to scrutiny. Almost all the fire from the Rs and the press has been directed at Clinton. How can you judge how well Sanders will do when he gets scrutiny? What really matters is the polls show most Americans will not vote for a Socialist for President.

        It seems like you are saying its not a legitimate issue to worry about electability when the Supreme Court is at stake. It reminds me when the Green Party said there was no difference between Bush and Gore so it was OK to vote for Nader. That allowed the Supreme Court to put Bush in Office. That gave us the Iraq War, the great recession, and a Supreme Court that gave us Citizens United, threw out the Voting Rights Act and many other horrible things.

        What is your source for what Democratic Socialism is? I am going by what the Democratic Socialists of America says it is. If we are having an honest discussion why should not we believe the Democratic Socialists? What about all the things Sanders has said about seizing stuff? If this was a serious and honest discussion, you would be explaining how he is going to win once the attacks start.


  9. Whenever anyone parrots the narrative that Bernie can’t get minority votes, post this link. Challenge them to watch it all the way.
    You’ll know if they have a shred of intellectual honesty afterwards.

    Dr. Cornel West, St. Sen. Nina Turner, and Killer Mike discuss Dr. Kings’s philosophies with Bernie Sanders.

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  10. With respect Jim, I believe that you’ve drunk the kool aid regarding Democratic Socialism. Please go back and check a wider variety of sources. You might want to look at this Huffington Post Article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dan-arel/5-ways-democratic-sociali_b_8876476.html

    Democratic Socialists tend to be Left/Libertarians. Examine that philosophy and see if it doesn’t conform with traditional progressivism/liberalism.

    I will vote for the Democratic candidate in the general election but for now I support Bernie Sanders. He’s made it possible for people like myself to come out of the political closet and proudly proclaim: “Yes, I am a Democratic Socialist, like my Father before me.”

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    1. Charles, I think you are missing the point. This post really misrepresented the reasons many progressives who have supported Sanders (and would support Warren if she was running) are supporting Clinton. If I could select the President, I would select Sanders. We need an honest discussion about his electability before it is too late. Iif Sanders is the nominee, Karl Rove, the RNC, and that other billionaire will stop spending money to support Sanders. Billions will be spent to attack and define him. Then you will see the scary ads with the hammer and sickle over Sanders calling for seizing companies, rich people’s money, seizing television stations, then they will show the October clip of Sanders saying he is not a capitalist, he is a democratic socialist. Then they will go to the most accurate source of what Democratic Socialism is (Democratic Socialists of America) and show how it is about seizing businesses and assigning you a job. They are not going to spin it like HP. Who do you think most people will believe the Huffington Post or the Democratic Socialists of America? If you do not think this is what would happen if Sanders is the nominee, you are the one drinking the Kool aide. Where has Sanders addressed how he can win after these attacks? All he does is say look at how well I do in the match ups, but he has not been attacked as a socialist, so they are meaningless now. Most Dems in Iowa look upon socialism favorably and he could not even beat Clinton there. The overall voting population says they will not vote for a socialist, Should not this be addressed before it is too late. If we have Trump/Cruz, there is nothing to stop them.


      1. I did not misrepresent why people are supporting Clinton. In fact, I could have taken the point further.

        Did you just write, “If I could select the President, I would select Sanders.” Who do you think selects the president? This makes me believe either you are confused as to why you don’t want to vote for Sanders, or can’t admit that you just want to vote for Hillary Clinton despite her positions being less progressive.

        Your arguments don’t do hold much weight. Republicans are going to attack ANY democrat who gets the nomination. It’s an election; what do you think they are going to do?

        He lost Iowa by two delegates. Hardly an amount to come to your conclusions.

        Do you honestly think that Trump/Cruz can beat Sanders/Warren? If you think that, you’re not drinking Kool-Aid; you’re drinking something else.


      2. Black and Wordy, if you are not misrepresenting why people are supporting Sanders, who are your sources? I am one of those who you are making these claims against and what you say is simply not true.

        When Clinton was running against Obama, I volunteered for Obama from the start (in fact I volunteered for him when he was running in the IL Senatorial primary). To me the most important thing about this election is the Supreme Court and getting a President that will appoint Justices that will overturn Citizens United. Other than Sanders on guns and his attack on Planned Parenthood, I generally line up more with him. But with a gerrymandered House and Citizens United, they are both overpromising-Sanders however is way overpromising. I support Clinton because she has a much better chance of winning than Sanders.

        I absolutely do think Trump/Cruz would beat Sanders. But remember, Bloomberg is considering running if it is Sanders vs Cruz or trump. You have not explained how once they start showing things Sanders has said and most Americans saying they would not vote for a Socialist, how Sanders could get elected..


      3. I have told you to look at the recent polls, but you do not think they matter. We can’t have a conversation if you are only willing to accept the information you want to accept. I doubt trump/Cruz would beat a Sanders/Warren ticket.

        I talked the language of the argument. I did not talk about the people.


      4. You made up the language of the argument instead of trying to understand and address the real reasons. If not, show us your sources for what you claim the argument is? Can you show me an example of an accurate match up poll this far out? Where is President Sanatorium? What’s real is the polls that show most Americans will not vote for a Socialist. What’s real is the Rs took over the House and Senate and many states on the false claim of socialized medicine. When we know this, you act like its not rational to not want to risk nominating a Democratic Socialist. You have not presented any legitimate evidence this is not a legitimate concern.


      5. You can keep trying to demonize he word socialist all you want to. There is a link in the post where polls about who Americans will support is addressed. Please click on it. Look at the latest Quinnipac poll that shows Sanders and Clinton are neck and neck.

        You are trying to discount polls this far out while using an inaccurate “poll” that says most Americans will not vote for a socialist, which by the way is different then saying a person will not vote for Bernie Sanders.

        Republicans took the House and Senate on the false claim of socialize medicine? What are you talking about? They took the House and Senate back because the Tea Party blamed Barack Obama for Bush’s failures, and backlash from the bank bailouts, and not to mention people who couldn’t stand to see a black man as president.

        You are not being rational. I don’t have to prove a negative. It makes no sense to prove that it is not a legitimate concern. The burden is on you to prove that it is, and you can’t because you’d have to use a poll, which you have repeatedly said don’t matter because we are far out.


      6. Your post is trying to smear people like me by lying about us. If you are going to be making these claims about people like me, you need to provide your proof. What is your source on what you claim we believe? How many people who are supporting Clinton because they think Sanders is not electable have you talked to? Who are they? When you attack people like this, the burden of proof is on you.

        What is your basis that the polls of people saying they would not vote for a socialist are inaccurate? Are you saying they were not all screaming Obama is a socialist and hollering about socialized medicine?

        I would say certainly reasonable mines could disagree on Sanders electability. But you are basically saying we are lying when we say we are supporting Clinton because we don’t think Sanders is electable.

        If the things Sanders has said and what Democratic Socialism really is is not a problem, why not write some posts dealing with what he has said instead of lying about why we are supporting Clinton?

        Here are a couple of suggestions. I think the Flint Water crisis is an example of the problems with Democratic Socialism (i.,e, seizing industries and having a politician like Governor Snyder run them). Why not write a blog on why having the utilities seized and run by Gov Snyder is a great plan? Remember too, Sanders has called for seizing the utilities and having the government run them.

        Sanders has called for seizing TV stations. How about a blog explain why government controlled TV is such a great ideal?


  11. They say Bernie is unelectable because they don’t want people to hear his message because once people hear his message, people will elect Bernie Sanders. First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.

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  12. “Sanders’ proposals of providing health care to all Americans, making public colleges tuition free, and decriminalizing marijuana are all initiatives that would positively impact black Americans, and help close the equality gap in America.”

    Sanders appears to be the left wing version of Donald Trump, telling the supporters what they want to hear. I believe Sanders. He’s genuine. I am also a realist. I just can’t see him getting into office, muchless pass these legislation. The Congress and Senate are still overwhelmingly right wing, and his initiatives would be subjected to legal and constitutional challenges they might not pass.

    I believe he’s too much of a romantic. His proposals lack practicality and feasibility. America is still a center-right country, and many people, when faced with Sanders’ expensive proposals (tax-funded), will lean to the right by default.

    I’ll leave you with this saying: you campaign in poetry and you govern in prose.

    If Sanders manages to win the presidency, don’t be shocked that, despite his best efforts, he fails to implement his proposals into law.


    1. “Sanders appears to be the left wing version of Donald Trump, telling the supporters what they want to hear.” What do you think Hillary Clinton is doing? Has she ever had a position that she didn’t like?

      People said the same thing about Barack Obama, and look at the legislation he has passed. Why not just vote for politicians that will support the policies that Sanders is advocating for.

      Name one proposal from Hillary Clinton that is more feasible. Name a proposal that she has specifically addressed that will not face any opposition in congress. America is NOT a center-right country. That is just not true.

      No one thinks everything he is proposing is going become law. It’s about where you start the conversation. Clinton starts closer to the right.


      1. Its not the same. When Obama came into office, Dems had big majorities. Now the House is gerrymandered and will be republican controlled until at least the next redistricting. Citizens United also came on his watch. Sanders could not even get a public option through with big D majorities, but now he can get Medicare for all with a Gerrymandered House (that has voted 50 times to repeal Obamacare)? That is delusional. Her proposals to try to get some improvements to Obamacare will be hard, but possible.


      2. Clinton still supports universal health care-what is your basis to claim she does not? Sanders was in the Senate at the time and he could not get it to pass. He tried and failed. Just like he has not been able to get anything done on Citizens United.


      3. Name one of Hillary’s proposals that is more feasible?

        Expanding on The Affordable Care Act (it’s already law).

        Sanders lives in lala land, where he’ll bypass Congress, the Senate and the Supreme courts. Obama has more congressional blocks against him than almost all the previous presidents COMBINED. Just today, the Supreme court stalled his proposal for climate change. All this because they THINK he’s a socialist.

        Imagine what will happen to a REAL socialist like Sanders. His romantic policies will get stuck in legal and political quagmire. A vote for Sanders is a win for the GOP. Can you imagine a few months from now, Sanders explaining to the poor working class family how higher taxes now will benefit them in the long-run? People are “short-term” thinkers. If a family has to choose between paying the rent and paying higher taxes for long-term Universal Health Care, that family will choose paying the rent. And what will the GOP candidate tell that family–NO taxes.
        Sanders’ supporters are also very young, and represent the LEAST reliable group of voters. It’s one thing to stay on Twitter posting #feelthebern, but it’s another to show up to the polls on November 8, 2016. On top of that, where change really matters is the state/municipal level. The liberal base rarely vote at this level (this is the level where Stand Your Ground got passed).

        I maintain that a vote for Sanders is a win for the GOP.


  13. You are cherry picking polls. The one poll came out Saturday, an outlier, that had it to two points. The same day another poll came out showing Clinton ahead by 18. Have you looked at SC, FL, NV. Scary numbers for Bernie.


    1. I’m not cherry picking. I used that poll because I referenced the poll earlier. If you compare two of the same polls it’s apples and apples. I do agree that one poll can be an outlier, but polls do show Sanders gaining ground (which isn’t to say that it is a guarantee that he is going to win). Yes, he is struggling in SC and FL, while he is losing, he is gaining ground. So we will have to see what happens.


  14. If find you article both fluffy and misleading. In my opinion Bernie’s platform is very detrimental to this country.

    About student loan and not being able to go to college. Answer me this, how is it that every foreigners that migrated here are able to be successful in a system that is designed to benefit Americans. You know how hard and expensive it is for immigrants to get a college education in this country. We don’t complain, we put our mind to it, we excel, we get scholarships, we graduate and we payoff our student loans. Why can’t those of you who are constantly complaining do just that.
    I realized that many of you do not spend the time to analyze the fact. Those of you who want to adopt Scandinavian socio-economic policies, please answer me this question: how big is the United States compared to these countries in relation to population sizes. By raising taxes by 2.2% on average Americans do not add up to the amount that will be needed to cover for that. So say it clearly so ppl can understand. Their taxes are going to go up by a lot more than 2.2% for sure.
    Free college education, while this sounds like a great idea, please answer me this again. How my states schools (universities) there are in this country? And how many public schools in other countries. Again the math does not add up.
    But making them free will definitely stress the economy and/or compromise the quality of education.

    his intiatives are just wrong, nearly anti American . The idea that government should provide everything reduces self intiative. Why try to excel in high school and earn that scholarship if it’s going to be given to me. I’ll grant that capitalism isn’t perfect but socialism devalues work, individual achievement and success and in fact penalizes those that do.

    As for blk men being in jail in disproportionate amount compared to their white counterparts. Why can we focus on better educating our young blk youth so that they make better choices. Bernie’s platform will definitely regress our cause to progress. I don’t support it sorry!


  15. Why are so many people SO willing to give up their freedom in the name of getting free stuff? Many people for many years have had free housing, free cell phones, free utilities, free food, free money, free cable and now you want the government to hand you a free education, free healthcare, and maybe even free marijuana without having to work for any of it? Why do you want the government to tell you what to do, how to think, and how to live? If you want that kind of life leave the United States and live somewhere else. See what that does for you. What will really change lives is if people will pull up their pants, change their attitude from, “Oh, woe is me,” to “I can do better and be better.” You need to stop blaming the past for your current situation and start thinking for yourself and doing things for yourself. Do not let the sacrifices of our Founding Faithers to have been done in vain. The road that you are proposing America takes will only lead to a complete loss of freedom and the ability to choose for yourself. Don’t go there.


  16. The country has been pushed so far to the right that people like FDR or LBJ would be considered too radical to elect. Any hint of a slight move to the left is ridiculed. Any person who actually expects a leftist politician to do the leftist things he supports is derided as being a “Purist”, which basically means your not full of crap and actually mean what you say. Sad, however completely changeable.

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  17. I’m a quiet person. People say things to me and I find it difficult to verbalize what I think and how I feel. Part of it is because people parrot the prevailing “consensus” and if you disagree, there’s an assumption that you’re wrong or have to defend or prove that you’re right. In other words, the “consensus” is right by default. It makes me angry and I also have a judgment that I shouldn’t be getting angry or disagreeing with people. But when all us quiet people disagree but don’t say anything, its assumed that whatever the person said is valid.
    As to his electability, here is my thinking. I don’t give a shit about electability, never have. This is MY vote and I get to vote for who I want. The idea that I SHOULD vote for someone who I DON’T agree with because they are electable is so stupid that I can’t even explain it. The idea that I SHOULD vote for someone I DON’T LIKE, just to avoid someone else I don’t like, doesn’t make any sense to me. Why not just vote for who you want? Bottom line, is it’s MY vote, so don’t go telling me who I should vote for. If you feel the need to tell me who to vote for, my response to you is “DON’T DISRESPECT ME”.
    As to his ideas being unrealistic, SAYS WHO? So because YOU think it can’t be done, I should just be the good little girl and accept the way things are now? If you are happy with bombing other countries and all the other injustices that go on, goody for you. But don’t go telling me that what I want is unrealistic and unattainable. If Bernie is willing to fight for me and fight for justice, I WILL fight for him. It’s my life and I get to choose for myself what I WANT, what I believe in and what I DO.
    I have yet to figure out why some people get Bernie and others don’t. But it pisses me off that people dismiss him and say insulting things about his supporters. It’s mind control tricks that unconscious people fall for. But it doesn’t work on me. More and more people are waking up to the lies and deception and it won’t be long before people take back their power and stop supporting the parasitic .01% . They have no power over us except for the power we give them. And I do not consent to their rule.

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    1. *BOOM!!* Tara Smith, I don’t know who you are, but that was a powerful comment. When you started with “I’m a quiet person” I had a feeling that something was coming, but damn. Needless to say, I completely agree with you. What’s really pissing me off is this comparison to Donald Trump. I’ll have something on that soon. Thank you so much for your comment.


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